If you’re looking for a cheap second PC that can fit into a small bag, then there are few better options. This past weekend a circular advertised a Vista-powered laptop equipped with a Celeron processor, There is also a HA-H model, sold in Poland, equipped with a 6-cell battery, an N processor and a 0. Archived from the original on 13 August One final note about the design — the Eee PC’s power adaptor is proportionally as tiny as the laptop. The Internet tab contains your Web-based e-mail shortcuts, Firefox for Web-surfing, Skype and a number of other funky shortcuts, including Wikipedia and Google Docs.

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In short, the 710sd quality is quite high despite the low cost. Retrieved 19 November This notebook lasted the rated 3. Because it’s so small, some sacrifices have been made. Whether or not Windows will help or hurt the performance of the Eee PC remains to be seen. Three additional models followed. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

We wouldn’t recommend it as much to the elderly, simply due to the keyboard and screen size, but it is simple to use and does the job well. There are plenty of ports scattered around the machine. Asus eee pc 701sd is one of the first budget ultra-portable PCs to go on sale, but expect to see more devices like this even without the extremes of asus eee pc 701sd crank-powered OLPC. The keyboard is exceptionally tiny and the keys are very closely grouped.

Users will love having asus eee pc 701sd clutter-free desktop for day-to-day use and will pv find navigating the various options asux simple compared with XP or Vista, as well as with Mac OS X.

Asus Eee PC 4G – External Reviews

The only way to tell the fan is blowing is to put your hand next to the air vent to feel the warm air blow past. The technical specs might look sub par, but the usability and overall performance of the Eee PC rivals notebooks asus eee pc 701sd several thousand dollars more.

Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief on. Klein, kleiner, Eee-PC Source: The location might appear odd, but it provides a clear path to your head for maximum listening pleasure.

ASUS Eee PC 4G Review: – Notebooks – Ultraportable – PC World Australia

This page was last edited on 16 Aprilat Asus eee pc 701sd, we can measure the time it take to perform a number of simple procedures in order to give you an idea of how the Eee PC performs. This means that passwords get mangled, emails look like gibberish, and playing games that require keyboard commands becomes quite aggravating.

Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin asus eee pc 701sd that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Asus Eee PC series models ha, hab, ha, and others use Varta ML or equivalent MaxellSanyo and Panasonic ML lithium ion coin cell rechargeable batteries, terminated with a two-pin Molex connector dee.

A fantastic toy for the technically minded, but of limited use for work. This is repairable but depending on exact replacement unit sometimes needs the eight-pin E2PROM moved from the old display to the new one, and a single track linked to regain picture and brightness control asus eee pc 701sd ashs new one is fitted.

Other models like the white 4GS-W lacked memory access panels and required disassembly to upgrade memory. Why waste money on a two-trick pony like the ZipIt 2 Communicator asus eee pc 701sd offers only IMing and MP3 playback when you can get a featherlight PC that does those things and surfs the whole Web, too?

With its included software bundle for general use and office applications, along with its 4G SD card and mouse upgrades, its actually a solid value for end users not comfortable delving into the world of Linux distros. Generally, however, Asus does inform reviewers that eeee final retail model may contain different features from those offered in the review model.

This is a fun, cheap machine – which is just as well when the asus eee pc 701sd life means it’ll never be a mobility masterpiece. It also asus eee pc 701sd StarSuite 8. The point is that the 701xd PC just works.

Asus Eee PC

Only a few asus eee pc 701sd have larger screens. Archived from the original on 13 August Fudzilla The Eee opened up a whole new market niche and we have to commend Asus for having the guts to step in and take the lead. The largest model Asus supplies is 4GB, 33 per cent of which is already in asue when you buy the machine.

Ultimately, the Aus PC looks equally at home on the catwalk or in a child’s playpen — it is what you make of it. I was buying a super mobile computer at an awesome price.