Then, for step 5, replace “sudo make install” with “sudo checkinstall” — just accept the defaults when it runs. Learn more about securing your PC These articles should help you further: An important aspect to keep in mind is what web browser you use. I know absolutely nothing about hylafax. Preparing to replace alsa-driver-linuxant 1. I request ubuntu friends to help me to solve this issue. My Modem details as follows scanned by LsitModem App.

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I know absolutely nothing about hylafax. No ; Try disinfect: As per the trouble-shooting section of the installation how-to: When I did hsfconfig This is what happened: Identifying your modem type http: Hi there, thought I’d annoy you and show you my log, probably not quite the generix as above, but here goes anyway.

I said earlier in the thread that you will need to uninstall hsfmodem when you upgrade your kernel. I will re-install the linmodem as suggested earlier and see if I can go from there. Upon your first boot with a new kernel, the system will attempt and fail to build and start the hsfmodem module for the new kernel. Quick Start guide http: Permission denied david ubuntu: Just some final notes: I keep forgetting that you are using Ubuntu Server But the most common issue with this type of package is not having the packages needed to compile the code installed.

New Drivers  DRIVERS: HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8527B

Preparing to replace alsa-driver-linuxant 1. Make sure that you cd to hsfmodem When you update your kernels, you’ll want to run “sudo dpkg -r hsfmodem” this will only work if you followed my advise and used checkinstall to compile and install hsfmodem before rebooting to the new kernel or you will run into problems upon reboot.

Antivirus report for – Conexant HSF Generic Modem Drivers

If you don’t have a powerful antivirus solution already protecting your computer, you should install one from our recommendations: Then I try to connect to internet hssf network admin tool but unfortunately i cant get connection. Then, for step 5, replace “sudo make install” with “sudo checkinstall” — just accept the defaults when it runs.

No ; Try delete: I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes now. But since you seem to be setting up a server, hylafax may be the better option.

No ; Time limit: Since writing this, I upgraded to 9. Setting up alsa-driver-linuxant 1.

New Drivers  HOLUX M1200E DRIVER

The more I think about it, the more I’m almost sure that this is not true. In addition to the build-essential and linux-headers packages which you will hhsf to install before following the instructions you may very well have already installed those twoI strongly recommend that you install the checkinstall package.

Give them a try: Thats not the file I told you to edit This will create and install a deb package for you This suggests that you have not yet installed some conrxant packages.

Without that information, I can only guess at what the trouble might be. Here is my log: You can link to this report from any site. I installed hylafax and configured it.