It does not contain current drivers. When troubleshooting, this is a good place to start. If the Microsoft Tool does not solve the issue, please submit a ticket to our support, along with an install log for us to analyze, by following these steps:. Qualcomm Atheros leverages its substantial expertise in RF, signal processing, software and networking to deliver highly integrated, low-power, system-level solutions that enable customers to create high-performance, differentiated products. The installer will first install device drivers, and then redirect to the Windows Store to install the Killer Control Center software. The included driver for the Killer Wireless-AC is not known to be problematic, but our other package includes a more recent driver for this device.

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Wireless xTend for Killer allows owners of the Killer to turn their machines into wireless access points, xTending the range of the currently connected wireless network through their computer.

What’s new from the previous release?

This is because, in our experience, most Wi-Fi disconnects are due more to the wireless environment than any specific wireless adapter. You will see a box with information about your Windows install, including the Version, which is probably oras of June 5 The router will still prioritize the Windows 7 Killer enabled qireless, but it will not appear that way in the router interface.

We have developed a tool to make this very simple.

A Killer Wireless-AC is not required. If you still experience issues, it is recommended that you contact Linksys Support unless you are having other issues with your Killer adapter, in which case you should reach out to us through the contact form below. Kiloer you encounter an error when installing the. If you have performed the above, and you are still experiencing issues with slow network speeds, there are some other things to try:. When troubleshooting, this is a good place to start.


From time to time, we receive requests for Windows Server compatible drivers for our network adapters. It does not contain current drivers. Many Wi-Fi drops and connection issues are due to radio conflicts.

This article will summarize the difference between the versions available, and hopefully give the user an idea of which installer they should download and use. This package contains the latest drivers for all current Killer Networking devices, as well as the Killer Control Center performance suite. A new, updated driver for the Killer Wireless-ACthe debut release of Wireless xTend for Killerand many other minor enhancements that are too numerous to list.

All Killer technology ships with the exclusive Killer Network Manager, giving users the power killwr set priorities for all network applications, increase or reduce the bandwidth each application uses, or block an application entirely — all in a unique graphical interface.

Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N 1202

If updating the drivers does not solve the issue, try resetting your networking equipment in this specific order, even if you have reset your some or all of your equipment previously.

Users may notice that we often host more than one version of the Killer Control Center available for download from our website. This version will install on versions of Windows 10 that are older than version April Updatebut many things will not function well.

Microsoft has been updating Windows more often than with any previous release, so it’s important to keep things up to date. For our guide on loading. There have been many reports of issues with the Killer Control Center which killef be resolved liller performing a clean install of the Killer Control Center, as opposed to an update install, where the latest version is installed while an older version is in place. If your machine finds updates, check again once it finishes installing.


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Doing this can help even if only one device is experiencing problems. A box will appear, which will give you information about Windows, including the version number. A note on finding your Windows version number ikller You will see Windows version numbers referenced in the following information. The installer will first install device drivers, and then redirect to the Windows Store to install the Killer Control Center software.

This version is a major update. These are things which we have discovered and posted in order to hopefully make things easier on our users.

All of the relevant settings for your Hotspot network will be on that page. This package contains the latest drivers for all Killer Networking devices, except for the Killer Wireless-ACas well as the Killer Control Center killdr suite. Here are some tips on which settings to choose:. We have verified that this works, and have had confirmation from other users as well.