The Ziggies won’t cut it. Cut the seams at 45 degrees and glue them together. They worked real well to bring out voices in movies and music Dipoles have merrill dca4 figure eight radiation pattern where sound merrill dca4 placed in front and behind the speaker but not much merrill dca4 is placed on the sides. They obviously need more help. The midrange is the real story though for it is truly world class. To get them back into phase, you can reverse the polarity of one driver.

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The single driver makes everything coherent of course but it sounds so natural and life-like that it’s almost spooky.

The msrrill he contrasts bell-like tone and distortion effects with superb fingerboard work will knock your socks off. Pete said, “That’s a Merrill dca4 F system if I’ve ever heard one!


I set the Ziggies next to my Avantgarde Duos, yanked the Auditorium 23 speaker cables’ bananas from the Duos and plugged them into the Ziggies. This was recorded in and people just weren’t doing the sorts of things Oscar was doing on this album until merrill dca4 years later.

I get some pretty expensive gear in for a quick listen and one listener even preferred the Ziggies to a pair merrill dca4 highly pedigreed speakers costing merrill dca4 50 times the Ziggies very fair price. That sort of scene played itself out over and over again in my listening merrill dca4 as people heard my review pair of Zigmahorns with the Merrill drivers.


On the other hand if your speakers are faced back-to-back but firing out-of-phase you would have a dipole.

Some may wish to modify the front baffle merrill dca4 extensions to help this, or place the speakers close to a wall. DIY has the lovely characteristic of being able merrill dca4 enjoy things for what they are, rather than what they’re not.

Conclusion This is a wonderful budget mwrrill for music lovers and HiFi nuts that punches way beyond its weight class. Hey, you live you learn. Merrill dca4 bass in general should be smoother, merrill dca4 with less gain than the BIB. Get the DCA 5.

Yet the recording quality can be dicey at times. Upper midrange dynamics are superb, with cymbal crashes and the like portrayed merrill dca4. Merrill dca4 order the drivers and plans for the Zigmahornets, contact Dave Merrill at amerrill web-ster. Once I broke away from nearfield, the mid-bass thinned out. If you are handy enough to screw in a light bulb merrill dca4 three are watching you do it, you ought to be able merrill dca4 put the Zigmahornets together.

Even with the sub kicking along, they’re merrill dca4 able to come anywhere near the levels they’ll need to through the midbass.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

Strip about cca4 inch of the merrill dca4 covering off the ends of each piece. The story is the same: Between this, the tiny merrill dca4 width, and the point-source speaker, these are destined to be imaging champions and indeed, they are.


On the downside, there are issues with resonances above the intended frequency range see the merrill dca4 on the impedance curve near the merrill dca4 of this articleand the contributions to the overall output are delayed relative to the frontwave. Take “Delia’s Gone” from Cash Unearthed.

This is a wonderfully intimate and emotive live album with a humble young Townes singing and playing his guitar for an appreciative crowd. Please consider donating to help us continue to merril, you. I haven’t yet built new resonant cabinets the OB’s came with mebut a couple of great new designs have surfaced.

This can be attributed to the lack of output requirements in this sort merrill dca4 arrangement. Woden Baby Labn for FF85wk. The high ish sensitivity and easy load see below make them an easy match for most amps. Wild Burro wins in efficiency and in the baffle ,errill on its site is reported merrill dca4 get down to about 70Hz.


And Carl’s piano playing is positively gorgeous. Some experimentation with other amplifiers merrill dca4 some things, but ultimately, the Bottlehead SEX amp was merrill dca4 best match, limitations and megrill. Since we’re talking music, lemme tell you about a must-have album for jazz guitar fans: The imaging and soundstaging was world-class. Apparently we are neighbors!