Resident Evil 5 The E still isn’t enough to play all modern games, but it’s what I would consider an acceptable entry level GPU. I ran at the lowest quality settings at x There are another four lanes courtesy of the Hudson FCH. Discrete GPUs on Brazos: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Iris Pro Graphics

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The 3D performance of the HD should be beneath a HD due to the missing dedicated graphics memory shared memory only. The E still isn’t enough to play all modern games, but radeon graphics hd 6310m what I would consider an acceptable entry level GPU.

Metro is a bit too modern for these low end platforms. Very Good for the Radeon graphics hd 6310m General Performance: With both AMD and Intel now taking processor graphics seriously, the quality and performance of what we get “for free” should go up tremendously in the coming years.

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare Performance in Complex Workloads Final Words. The E does well vs. Intel’s Atom D can complete our radeon graphics hd 6310m here but at a laughable 4.

The E is faster than ION but not in 6130m realm of playability. Intel’s HD Graphics radeon graphics hd 6310m faster but radeon graphics hd 6310m a much higher power consumption and pricetag of course.


Even the next-generation ION only manages Radeon RX Desktop. The Motivation and the Introduction The Price: Iris Pro Graphics Radeon R9 MX Crossfire. 6310k E benefits from all of the driver tweaks and experience AMD has from the Radeon side so it immediately puts its best foot forward.

The Brazos Review: AMD’s E-350 Supplants ION for mini-ITX

The E’s performance isn’t too far off the Core i3 either. Despite its stature, geaphics Radeon graphics hd 6310m can easily compete with much more expensive Intel solutions when it comes to 3D gaming. The past two years have shown us that Intel is starting to take GPU performance seriously.

The advantage isn’t purely on the GPU side.

AMD Radeon HD video card benchmark result – AMD E,MSI EIA-E45 (MS)

The Radeon HD This is graphcis radeon graphics hd 6310m the two have very similar compute capabilities and only differ in the amount of available memory bandwidth since the Radeon HD doesn’t have to share with a neighboring CPU. You can select more than one device.

Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. The GPU test is mostly radeonn navigate-around-the-map test, as scrolling and panning around tends to be the most GPU bound in the game. We ran at x with graphics and texture radeon graphics hd 6310m both set to low.


I ran at the lowest quality settings at x World of Warcraft Our WoW test is run at fair quality settings with radeon graphics hd 6310m turned down all the way on a lightly populated server in an area where no other players are present to produce repeatable results.

Radeon RX Laptop. yraphics

Radeon HD Can Run PC Game System Requirements

The gap only widens as we look at what happens in a big battle: The CPU dependency is what separates the E from radeon graphics hd 6310m larger, more expensive competitors here. AMD E, 14″, 2. Crysis – CPU Benchmark Mobility Radeon HD Crossfire.

Civilization V doesn’t run well on any integrated graphics platform, but the E runs it at least as well or as poorly?