The keyboard provides two keys that have special functions in the operating system: When the volume is at maximum, the subwoofer literally causes the keyboard to vibrate and distort the sound. Click the cPad icon in the system tray. At its native resolution, the s’s screen is sharp, bright, and beautiful with excellent viewing angles. It is recommended that you do not remove the module from your computer. Pencil lead can break off inside the computer and damage it.

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Using the pointing tooshiba and control buttons together Now click the Close button in the upper-right corner of this window. Pass the locking end through the loop.

Satellite S Support | Toshiba

Display Toshiba 5105 s501 Display modes Display modes This hot key cycles through the power-on display options. The display modes are: You can only record 60 seconds at toshina time. Use only battery chargers designed to work with your notebook computer. Applications include word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The s’s speakers are extremeley loud and clear, but are not as rich and distortion-free as the JBL Pro speakers toshiba 5105 s501 in older Compaq laptops.

This lesson explains how to create shortcuts using two operating system accessories, Calculator and Character Map, as examples. The icon has automatically been added to the cPad display. Page 74 Getting Started Using the computer for the first time Sample Small Display Properties window with new program highlighted An icon toshiba 5105 s501 the selected program appears in the preview window of the Small Display Properties window.


toshiba 5105 s501

Great resolution for video play and the sound system is great without having to add periperal speakers. However, if you are going to spend the toshiba 5105 s501 time on the road and you will be using your computer frequently, to invest toshiha money in a spare battery pack that should extend the time you can use your laptop without recharging or hooking it up to a permanent power source.

Playing Dvds, Chapter 8: Chapter 6 Exploring Your Options In this chapter, you will explore other features of your notebook computer. Page 49 Close the display panel and turn the computer upside down to locate the expansion memory slot cover to toshiba 5105 s501 memory slot. The sound is amazing, it is quick with moving from one application to another, and the graphics are insane.

Empty the Recycle Bin periodically. By beantowngrl on November 17, Previous Next Mode track track The printer will not print.

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If the battery has at least five minutes of operating time, continue operating until the battery is fully discharged. L2 level two toshiba 5105 s501 — Memory cache installed on the motherboard to help improve processing speed.


In the Windows operating system, this refers to the primary control button or left mouse button, unless otherwise stated. A confirmation dialog box appears. The infrared port allows cable-free communication with another device, such as toshiba 5105 s501 computer or printer, that has a compatible infrared port.

Toshiba 5105-S501 User Manual

If it works, the first keyboard may be defective or incompatible with your toshiba 5105 s501. Inserting And Removing Diskettes, Caring For Diskettes Inserting and removing diskettes Hold the diskette so that the arrow on its upper surface points toward the drive.

Click the System Power Mode tab. Ctrl, Fn, and Alt keys Click Properties from the drop-down menu. Page The Control Panel window appears.


You can choose which of two media players you prefer to have as your default your automatic choice upon powering up when you play toshiba 5105 s501 CD. You may also set individual power-saving options to suit your own needs.

Page Some discs run correctly, but others do not.